Saturday, September 8, 2012

read in between the lines

Sadly, it's my first miss/absence of NYFW since I moved... But I'm religiously updating my phone to see what's the new!

First up: RAG & BONE
[+ some extra inspiration photos]
a mish-mosh of tiny vertical (pin/seersucker/etc.) stripes in shades of blue, white sheers and other brights on the catwalk w/ expert layering. Enough layering overload that I think the Man Repeller would approve.

I love when bits and pieces of menswear makes its way to womenswear. I am especially fond of the seersucker-like striped play shorts w/ lace hem + striped button-down and overly long coat. Must re-enact this somehow...

images via:, they all hate us, 4th and bleeker

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