Thursday, July 26, 2012

wild child



In limbo at the moment and missing NY very very much at this point!
I'm excited to be back in Cali but at the same time, I'm homesick for my old home.
The outfit I'm wearing was the last picture I took inside of my old apartment, and seeing it again leaves me with a bittersweet feeling.
On another note, the lace cat mask?! I know with the Dark Knight film, catwoman is going to be the shizzz thing this year (especially around Halloween...), but I've always loved Selena Kyle ever since I was a little girl! It's my inner feline and my love of wild cats that fuel this fanatic behavior. Anyway, mental note for a DIY on the mask!

Oh and the little tid bits are: Loeffler Randall bag (brand spanking new for them), Givenchy shoes, YSL calla necklace (so cool) and a bit of inspo photos - indoor teepee, why not?!

Outfit details: H&M leather vest, Brandy Melville Kate Moss top, DIY shorts (painted and studded by me) & Zara shoes + my crazy-ass hair

Sunday, July 22, 2012

outfit no. 12 [ jules ]

& I'm baaaaack!
Well, sort of...
I got some sort of an internet connection, and thought I'd put up a really quick outfit post before I lose it.
Since I'm hopping around everywhere and trying to find a new place to live, my current wardrobe has dwindled down to white tee, denim shorts and flat footwear. To some (not me), it seems mundane... so I will spare you the current 'look.' 
So, while I wait for things to ship over here and I find a habitat, here's an outfit I wore on one of the hottest days in NY EVER. I remember, I had a gelato at Lincoln Center and by the time I walked 20 feet over to sit and enjoy it, half of it was soup. Plus, I have the searing sunburn in memory of this day. 
Anyway, enough of my complaining, and watch me under the blazing sun, as I justify wearing a bikini top as a viable piece of undergarment and silk drop crotch shorts (that I like to call my diaper poopie pants rather than a harem)!

p.s. Aran's last post of the hats, really really wants me to wear a hat with crazy hair. Mental note for future post!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

hats hats hats!

A woman in a hat, just enough to cover up those mysterious eyes and those red lips pulling you in wanting more to figure out who this woman is. I feel that wearing a hat and red lips is very french in a way, very vintage, and very mysterious. It brings out elegance, your aura is glowing with confidence and privacy. I will have to admit, it is hard wearing a hat when it is windy because it will fly away, but don't you want that to happen? On a beautiful sunny day, the wind blows your hat, you try to catch it down the street, but decide to just laugh it off and join back with your friends saying "someone else will have to pull off hats in their life!" And now you are carefree with no more roles to play. THAT's how hats make me feel ;)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Outfit #4 [Aran]

JULES CAME BACK TO CALI! For the time being that is. So we decided to take some photos, having to go to LA for no apparent reason, we finally ended up in Long Beach, Ca. As we happened to just drive and drive and drive, we saw smashed cans glittering on the freeway (in awe a photo was not captured), traffic, traffic, traffic, mexican sports bar, and million dollar homes with dogs the size of a pony. And we just happened to stumble upon this beautiful wall, doorway, arch as we were driving in Long Beach. 

Outfit: Vintage leather skirt, Gray crop tee, modernized army jacket, vintage clutch. 
(Been in this vintage mood, I am becoming nostalgic. The music, the fashion, the lifestyle, communications, readings, everything from the 1920's-1940's)

Friday, July 13, 2012

a new leaf

Saying farewell to NY

So sad to leave yet so excited for the new.
We'll be a little absent, since I'm making a cross-country road trip from East to West coast.
I promise, there will be more posts/photos up soon! 
Plus, I have plenty of extra outfit posts from the city.

Wish me luck! 
- Jules

Friday, July 6, 2012

extra on the side, please

It's that time of the year: COUTURE COUTURE COUTURE!
which means conceptual becomes reality and there's tons of pretty to look at.

I think we all know that on the side of the shows themselves, the street style is a spectacle all on its own. Most of these were from the Paris Haute Couture shows (these were just a handful from the many we found), and stay tuned for our favorite picks from the runway from the fancy fancy.

note: Miroslava Duma looks pretty damn amazing every time. Plus the rottweiler & the tall boots (Givenchy)... Lust - Every girl needs a pair a boots that resembles perpetual bell bottoms and Megaman all together!

images via:,, streetfsn