Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scarlet Slasher

A bloody crimson color for the kick-off of holidays whether it's Halloween to Christmas, I can see myself wear this for all occasions. And of course, I put it with a beat-up shirt to make sure I don't look too done-up & more day appropriate.

Get the skirt here

On another note, my heart goes out to all NYCers and my friends on the east who had a blasting storm come through! My best wishes & lots of love <3

Monday, October 29, 2012


Can't get over this style right now...

Twist N' Shout

Had a little too much fun with this outfit. NOW I KNOW WHY IT WAS SO FUN IN THE 20's!! The twirling, dancing, moving, groovin...ALL OF IT! Of course it was difficult to even stand in 6 inch Herve Leger heels, or so it felt like 6 inches. The only time you will catch me walking or even wearing heals 4 inches or taller will be one this site.   :)

It has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog, but I am back. Took a vacation for a bit, but back with a new hairdo, more styles, and more posts! 

get the sheer sleeve blazer here

Friday, October 19, 2012

fox & minx + insane jungle

you can never have too much denim...

A new online shop called Insane Jungle has decided to house and stock some repurposed vintage shorts by yours truly. There's only one of each and every piece is hand painted and studded. So get them in their vintage section while they're there! + pick up a few cool new pieces to add to your closet.

shop them here


[I almost forgot these photos!]
Dreaming of better days and time spent at the Met and the Cloisters.
Notice the absence of my belt after a few snapshots... I obviously have a short attention span to keeping my clothes put together.


WHY is it 90+ degrees here in California? I thought it was October... ten days from today a year ago, we had a surprise snow storm in NY. Now I'm here on the west melting.
Not good for Mother Earth

* btw: I highly recommend visiting the Cloisters up in the Bronx. You forget that Manhattan exists around it! + it's free with your met ticket/button

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mesh, mermaids and pier 17

I promise there will be "autumn" related posts soon even though it's about 103 degrees fahrenheit here in Los Angeles (killing me!). I'm hoping it'll cool down so I can wear a little more than a thin piece of something that may just be recognized as clothing. In the mean time, I'm still in full swing of summer clothing mode unfortunately which will look outdated to anyone else in the Northern Hemisphere. And if any SoCal bloggers out there are doing fall weather posts, I don't think it's possible that they're wearing those outfits for more than a second because I'd literally be sweating through it (not cute)!

Now on to the main thing... 
Here's a set from Fulton, pieces of the Financial District and a new outdoor seating area adjacent to Pier 17. There's a full size lounge chair that fits a few people at a time which I thought was a pretty good idea for those cuddle sessions with a loved one, and the view of the BK bridge ain't too shabby at all!
It was one of those days that was blazing hot in the sun and nice in the shade, and I'm basically wearing pieces of mesh and a draped mini.
Oh, what I would do for some rain and under 80 degree weather!

Bear with me for this week on these post-summer photo diaries and I'm sure there will be some transitions into cooler more applicable posts.