Sunday, September 30, 2012

dopplegänger of pop & rock

Okay, so we're shaking it up a bit here...
If anyone knows me, I'm the type that loves minimalist/silhouette focused fashion and I tend to shy away from costume-like pieces. But I couldn't help myself with what recently went down the runway for Gaultier. 
Just in time for October and your Halloween costume inspiration! [sort of kidding...]

I'm a pretty big ass fan of Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie. So, this post is a must. And there's more to see of this collection! I just picked out Ziggy, Madonna and Michael Jackson for the first picks to get you in the mood!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

bye nyc ii: Canadian Tuxedo & Ivy Leagues

I've spent so much time here that I can tell you all the restaurants and what time certain food trucks hit the streets of Broadway and Amsterdam. Lots of walks and wandering, bad food and warm drinks on a freezing day. I disliked it as a school but loved it as a landscape.

Here's a fashion faux-pas (the good ol' Justin Timberlake + Britney Spears days) that recently turned itself around as a trendy fad: denim on denim PLUS the sandals I overused (you'll notice) since all 10 boxes of shoes were packed away a month too early... 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello, Autumn. Goodbye, Summer

My birthday lands on the autumnal equinox. And not only does it make a hell of a confusion when it comes to my zodiac (virgo & libra)... But it always reminds me that the days will get shorter and cooler and the leaves will change. 

One of the biggest parts of New York I miss is the transitioning seasons and running/jogging along the Jackie O. Reservoir each day and noticing the leaves slowing transforming in color.

Anyway, my absence on the blog is due to a new job in LA that I've been constantly busy with, and this marks a solid month and half since my departure from NY. So, to utilize my stored photos from the last bits and pieces of New York, I'm going to spread them out for the remainder of this month and the first week of October as a slow and painful farewell to summer and NY, and a bittersweet hello to LA and autumn. Even though it's still about an average of 90 degrees in LA when it's technically fall, it's nice to see my favorite and oh so familiar and comfortable backdrops of New York while I do these posts. I got to play tourist for the last month I lived in New York and took my time taking in different parts of the city.

In this photo set: the flatiron building and district where I am VERY familiar with. I commuted everyday and worked about 2 blocks away from the famous architectural landmark. It never got old no matter how exhausted I was from work. Much of my time here was spent at Eataly (a bit religiously) with lemon sorbets in the summer and fig sorbets and coffee gelato in the fall sitting in Madison Sq. Park no matter what the weather said it was going to be. I walked down to Washington Sq. and down to the West Village to my favorite Swedish destination: SOCKERBIT. All time favs: raspberry hard candies and Mick Jagger lips. I took an extra large bag to take to the west coast with me...

Here I am throughout wearing the usual summer uniform of white shorts, muscle tank and silk neckerchief. Hair slick back in a full pony tail and minimalist sandals.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

read in between the lines

Sadly, it's my first miss/absence of NYFW since I moved... But I'm religiously updating my phone to see what's the new!

First up: RAG & BONE
[+ some extra inspiration photos]
a mish-mosh of tiny vertical (pin/seersucker/etc.) stripes in shades of blue, white sheers and other brights on the catwalk w/ expert layering. Enough layering overload that I think the Man Repeller would approve.

I love when bits and pieces of menswear makes its way to womenswear. I am especially fond of the seersucker-like striped play shorts w/ lace hem + striped button-down and overly long coat. Must re-enact this somehow...

images via:, they all hate us, 4th and bleeker