Sunday, July 22, 2012

outfit no. 12 [ jules ]

& I'm baaaaack!
Well, sort of...
I got some sort of an internet connection, and thought I'd put up a really quick outfit post before I lose it.
Since I'm hopping around everywhere and trying to find a new place to live, my current wardrobe has dwindled down to white tee, denim shorts and flat footwear. To some (not me), it seems mundane... so I will spare you the current 'look.' 
So, while I wait for things to ship over here and I find a habitat, here's an outfit I wore on one of the hottest days in NY EVER. I remember, I had a gelato at Lincoln Center and by the time I walked 20 feet over to sit and enjoy it, half of it was soup. Plus, I have the searing sunburn in memory of this day. 
Anyway, enough of my complaining, and watch me under the blazing sun, as I justify wearing a bikini top as a viable piece of undergarment and silk drop crotch shorts (that I like to call my diaper poopie pants rather than a harem)!

p.s. Aran's last post of the hats, really really wants me to wear a hat with crazy hair. Mental note for future post!


  1. love love love the harem shorts! "diaper poopie pants" might be right but i think they look pretty cool :)

    1. thanks caroline!
      yes, i love these very old Zara shorts even if my old co-workers teased that it looked like i crapped myself behind... loving the blog btw, and i'm looking forward to more of your beautiful photography! :)