Thursday, July 26, 2012

wild child



In limbo at the moment and missing NY very very much at this point!
I'm excited to be back in Cali but at the same time, I'm homesick for my old home.
The outfit I'm wearing was the last picture I took inside of my old apartment, and seeing it again leaves me with a bittersweet feeling.
On another note, the lace cat mask?! I know with the Dark Knight film, catwoman is going to be the shizzz thing this year (especially around Halloween...), but I've always loved Selena Kyle ever since I was a little girl! It's my inner feline and my love of wild cats that fuel this fanatic behavior. Anyway, mental note for a DIY on the mask!

Oh and the little tid bits are: Loeffler Randall bag (brand spanking new for them), Givenchy shoes, YSL calla necklace (so cool) and a bit of inspo photos - indoor teepee, why not?!

Outfit details: H&M leather vest, Brandy Melville Kate Moss top, DIY shorts (painted and studded by me) & Zara shoes + my crazy-ass hair


  1. Your shorts are AWESOME! Can't believe you made those.

    1. Love you, Kasha! I'll be in LA pretty soon :) be prepared for a meet up!