Sunday, April 29, 2012

dungarees: celibacy trousers/farmer-chic (?)

When the price tag of a pair of denim overalls reach the price of $300-$500+ you know the fashion industry will describe it as: utility-chic, tom-boy cute, high-fashion farmer, refined rustic, luxe-grunge or whatever oxymoronic phrase with the addition of the word "chic" to dampen the loudness of the attire to help convince consumers/prospective buyers. 

I call it a nice healthy reminder of 90's fashion and I do not completely oppose the flashback since I honestly do own a pair from my 90's life today. Sports bra, heels, silk blouse, lace, leather, naked skin, bikinis, crop tops, blazer, tee... As you can see, the combinations are numerous.

Accept the challenge of wardrobe dismount/going to the bathroom
Not always totally justified, but why not? - Just do it better 

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