Wednesday, August 22, 2012

outfit no. 13 [ jules ]

While at the WWD Magic/Project trade shows, I thought why not do an outfit post.

Another NYC hot day immortalized in photographs.
Sitting out in one of my favorite places in the city - my special lookout post behind Naumburg shell and Bethesda Terrace - wearing Helmut Lang and eating two boxes of macarons.

Again, I'm wearing a bikini top... and the sheerest thin spun tank with a low back in an attempt to save myself from heat stroke.

The dappled light coming through the vines in said lookout post, makes the illusion of the sun raining down on you, and I miss this place! During the winter, the leaves fall off and all there remains are the twisted skeletons of the trees. I love it either way :) 

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