Tuesday, May 29, 2012

outfit no. 1 [ jules ]

New York was unbelievably hot today to the point of delirium. I can handle the dry heat in places like LA, but wet humid heat is a whole different story. The original photo site I anticipated was a little nicer, but I seriously could not trek in this heat. So, please excuse the generic commercial backdrop since I literally took this photo behind a Whole Foods/high-rise just before going grocery shopping. I had a little vest with this outfit, but that didn't even last 5 minutes out in the heat. I'm glad I wore a minimal tank top and a sheer maxi to avoid a very unattractive sticky complexion. Oh, and the blue silk thing on my waist is a belt that looks like a men's cummerbund, just worn a little dropped on the waist (a little 'hello!' to our previous post on the 20s). I've had it since I was 13 and honestly do not even remember where and why I got it. But it's showing some use now!

We mainly do inspirational photo posts that suit our moods/aesthetic, but Aran and I did promise some less-calculated personal style photographs.
Thus, outfit number one and the blue morpho butterflies that I am always reminded of when I see a blue/black combination in attire.

Oh, and keep hydrated (& less sweat)!

butterflies photos via: we heart it

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