Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tendrils & lace

Such a lovely pair: lace & braids

Usually & generally you try to play opposites to counteract looking over-anything (overly feminine, overly boyish, overly matronly...etc). But the marriage of two very feminine things can sometimes be very easy on the eyes. It does help to play with volume... If you have tiny delicate lace, it's good to have a very large-scale braid to complement each other. 

Plus, I love wild hair! Mainly because I (Jules) do not own a hair brush or comb and my hair is about 3 feet long and I cannot obtain the amount of volume these editorials depict... And no, I am not a hot-mess.

Hope everyone is having a nice week. We're almost to the end for a nice (hopefully sunny) extended weekend thanks to the holiday! (for the US)

images via: Vogue France, Geraldine Saglio, We Heart It, They All Hate Us

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