Thursday, May 3, 2012

the streets of OZ

Please excuse this massive post in tribute to MBFWA SS 12/13
But we're completely infatuated with Australians, so bad that we either think we were once Aussies in a former life or we'd pack our bags and move there if we could (or both).

So many more photos to choose from, but here's our primary picks. We loved both the street style and the runway stills, large range in styles, themes and colors. And how appropriate is the timing of Romance Was Born's collection of Marvel Superheroes prints with tomorrow's US opening of the movie The Avengers?! Pretty Sweet.

Mix of sports gear, tie dye, leather, pastels, neon, sparkles & sheer lace + more.
Not bad, not bad.

And can we please have the linen/burlapy jacket that Zanita is wearing, by the way? Pretty awesome, and we're totally a sucker for jumbo leather elbow patches.

Too many great things to name, if you have questions, email/message us!

images via: theyallhateus, elinkling, fashiontoast, harper&harley, instagram - Harpers Bazaar Australia, stylebubble (susie bubble), leeoliveira, shinebythree, tuulavintage, zanita

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