Thursday, June 28, 2012


on the way over from Canal

!!! [ I made an audible gasp when I saw this & thought of the logo version from Resort 2013]

I finally made time to go check out the new location of Acne in SoHo. They moved their store to a larger location about half a block from the old one and here is what I have to say...

First off, before working in fashion as a 'real' career in styling, visuals and merchandising, I studied Art History (yeah, I know: wth do you do with that?!). It actually comes in handy and makes fashion even more thought provoking and challenging when you mix the two worlds - well, for me it does. Immediately when I walked in, I thought about ancient Roman villas and how the owner of these large villas would build and structure their homes in order to navigate the visitor and reaffirm their ownership and title of their home. The client, customer, consumer (whoever) is forced to walk the path that Acne paves when you walk in because you are literally greeted with a wall that splits into a fork - much like said villas and the purpose of an atrium & impluvium. I thought it was a different approach as many places have a more open floor plan rather than a labyrinth of walls. I know I'm getting all deep with this whole merchandising and layout plan of stores, but I lived and breathed this stuff almost 24/7 once in my life and take it seriously. So much that I spend more time studying layouts and placements of product more than trying on and buying products to this day. WEIRD, and NERD together... I know.

You'd be surprised at how much time and MONEY goes into these details, and most likely the client would never know they were walking across a vintage $20,000 rug when they go and buy a t-shirt. 

On another note, the staff had great service and they were very sweet and smiley. Definite +

jacket & shoes: as stupidly dramatic as it sounds, I nearly died trying to leave the store

all photos taken by Jules (please credit responsibly)

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