Sunday, June 10, 2012

outfit no. 6 [ jules ]

I'm piggy-backing Aran's last few posts here because we unintentionally had a similar feel in our outfits, and complemented each other with 3000 miles between us.

Here's a nice little mix of old & new. An extra large vintage tee of the popular 80s animated show the THUNDERCATS (Lion-O w/ the sword of omens!) mixed with a black leather fringe skirt and an edgy chain bag. I love the combination of deep browns and blacks as well, and see it as a beautiful thing rather than a color story problem or fashion faux-pas. 
Set with the backdrop of rich mahogany woods, red and golden accents, it creates an interesting juxtaposition. (On another note, I am tempted and can only wish to dress in 'Golden Age of Hollywood' attire in this setting)

Weekend night-out outfit revamped by using an old t-shirt and some funky pieces!

Hope everyone's weekend was as pleasant & fun as mine  :)
It was filled with Cuban food, birthday party at a gay bar, MORE ladurée, georgetown cupcakes (6 to be exact), the Highline & the Met with an old friend, eye-shopping, walking over 15 miles around the city, Moroccan food, Puerto Rican Day Parade on the east side and trying to get through the crowds & CROWDS of people at the Tony Award's red carpet on the west (I couldn't even see anything/anyone due to my vertically challenged nature - bummer) nonetheless, fascinating!

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