Friday, June 15, 2012

outfit no. 8 [ jules ]

Because I previously posted about menswear details...
I thought I'd show a nice mix-up of when girls wear boys clothes. & there should be NO boundaries!

Here's an outfit from several days ago while passing through the Comme des Garçons store on 24th St. and Chelsea Piers before eating dinner on the Hudson at the Frying Pan. 

Being from Cali, I love skate culture and couldn't resist taking some snapshots of the action at the skate park. I equally love and embrace the wear and use of men's clothing for women. I don't adhere to sizing charts or gender when I shop, and this is proof that something bought from a men's store can without a doubt be worn on a girl's body. I LOVE the suspenders on the flannel shirt and I plan to DIY this to some of my old oversized oxford shirts and/or dresses!!!

Worn with a black denim skirt and some leather boots for an easy and simple feel; it was great for walking around and taking photographs on the ol' manual. 


  1. adorable and i can definitely see the CA inspiration!

  2. The first pic is soo cool, I love the outfit :)