Friday, June 8, 2012

outfit post 2 [aran]

So I gotta add another barcart and a bottle as a lamp here. Utilize what you have, its what I do. This post has to do with history, the past, what happened before. The purse is from goodwill, not sure how old it is or what brand (no labels) but it was a $2 find so why not! Of course got all my essentials I need in there, yea I don't need much. Then I got the shirt from a little kiosk from a brand based in Los Angeles, Ca called LoveNailTree, check it out, its cute stuff! Silkscreen printing on shirts but there is more meaning to the photos then you think. Jewelry is awesome too. So this is outfit post 2, I still don't have a camera or photographer so I am just making do!

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