Friday, June 8, 2012

Black & Brown

The colors black and brown are very beautiful to me. Yes, very fall/winter colors but what can I say, colors are colors, beautiful all year around. The basic simpleness of each outfit, how effortlessly it looks put together. Which always remind me of wine, bar carts, dim lit bars, but of course with that white pipe or white wood floor gives it a little contrast. In case you were wondering why middle sister wine bottles are posted is because each bottle has its own taste for a different personality. Explains the which middle sister you are. Why again do you ask I post this? Because I am the middle sister :) I have to, for all my lovely middle sisters out there who are fashionable, intelligent, giddy, rebel, crazy, or whatever else you have been called, you are still loved. 

But back to the clothes, yes basics are effortlessly stimulating aren't they? Did that sound weird? Well that is how I see it, and especially living in the LA area, basics help keep things laid back as we are known to be. 

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