Monday, June 4, 2012

outfit no. 3 [ jules ]

I look SO happy... I swear, I don't look like this all the time 

mesh and gum wrapper silver

These are some photographs of my outfit towards the end of last week. I was feeling a little 90s [if you can't tell by my previous post] so I brought out the denim shirt, sneakers and lace/crochet to Central Park. I noticed afterwards when I was skimming through the photos that my denim shirt kept teleporting all over the place. I missed having a shirt or sweater tied around the waist like I was 12 again. I went through about a good 2 years of my life perpetually wearing a sweater around my waist - it never came off. Let's just say it was one of many 'awkward' phases. It's quite a useful thing nonetheless.

And is it just me or does wearing sneakers make you want to wear something prettier with it? Possibly, because I look 12 when I wear it with a simple shorts and tee combo.

On another note, there was some sort of Tribute to England/race going on near the Naumburg shell, and I ended up sitting and spending a bit of time at the fountain in Bethesda Terrace - doing what I love and do best: people watch [oh, the things I could tell you...]

Happy Monday, folks!

oh, and one more...

If only the universe granted me a large bejeweled navel


  1. Those are the cutest pair of Supergas I have seen yet! You looks so freaking cute you rock climber!!

  2. Haha, thanks Kasha! The mesh and silver supergas were found at urban for a cheaper price than the regular cotu classics. Who knew?!