Thursday, June 28, 2012

my date with isabel

I stood & touched this number annoyingly long

the wooden beams & planks are an installation throughout the store and you can go inside of the pod

it's heavy and very very cool in real life

the watch & the clutch!!! [also, they add -ghost legs- athletic socks in their sandals]

leather sports shorts [!] - they come in red too

boots... shoes... boots

store windows with spinning mobiles & windmills

Another small tour of the Isabel Marant store down in SoHo. 
Although fashion is in its' transition phase where we're full on in summer and the spring collection is getting a bit redundant and we're on our toes for the fall goodies, I thought you'd appreciate seeing the Manhattan location of this beautiful designer.
The store is located on the corner of Greene & Broome, and it's on the smaller side in square footage but the ceilings are lofty and the place is airy. I loved the wooden installations and mobiles incorporated in the space (especially the pod in the center that houses all the accessories and jewelry), and I snapped a few of my favorite pieces that were left.

Definitely a great place to stop by!

& we wait (pre-order) for theses babies to hit stores & be worn to death in the bloggospehere...

all photos taken by Jules (please credit responsibly) - except the last one (

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