Tuesday, June 26, 2012

outfit no. 10 [ jules ]


I was at an artist & craftsmen fair at Lincoln Center a couple weekends back when these photos were taken. It was a lovely walk while listening to a violinist play and seeing all the wonderful works these men and women display. 
I'm not much of a normal blazer and collared shirt wearer. If it's a blazer, I wear it with a tee (the fanciest I'll go is an old band tee or something that resembles lingerie). And if it's a collared shirt it's either worn by itself in numerous ways or around my waist. I, on the other hand, enjoy play real-life dress up so I thought why not just wear something "not me." 

Plus, I love patches! If you can't tell by my previous post and my elbows and shorts... and every single button is mismatched.
I absolutely LOOOVE the little stitched fabric detail underneath the collar of little scotties in red and white, and they echo it in the lining! - swoon -

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