Tuesday, June 12, 2012

outfit no. 7 [ jules ]

I posted photos of some NYC street art the other day, and I'm following up with an outfit inspired by the mix of colors and subjects you see around the city. Here I'm wearing a very colorful tie-dyed wrap skirt that looks like a beach ready sarong. I toned down the 'island-getaway' look with a pair of high platforms, a simple tee and a gold choker around my neck. 

I'm more of a basics of black, grey & white type of gal and seeing me wear bright and bold prints and patterns is a rare sight. Sometimes it's fun to wear something funky and unexpected of you.

On another note, the skirt is for sale on my eBay shop. If you're interested, the auction is still going until tomorrow (10 AM Pacific time). Just click here to renavigate to the shop.

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