Wednesday, June 20, 2012

outfit no. 9 [ jules ]

Hello Summer!
It is the official day of Summer; and New York, what a kick off... it was about 100 degrees and full blast of humidity today! 

I love wearing layers & layers - I'm an autumn child - but I equally love wearing summer clothes because it's the closest you can get to naked in public. Of course, if I was beachside, that would be a different story. Since I'm here in the city, I can't go for a full on beachwear look so here's a good go-to for me: denim shorts (cut-offs because I like worn and frayed), white or black on top and minimal footwear. - A viewer/reader commented on how she always goes for her nude heels; I cannot agree with her more on this.
This semi-boring & simple outfit was taken from last week while walking around SoHo & West Village, then to Hell's Kitchen for Thai food (chandelier) followed by a quartet of cupcakes. And the shirt, I literally ripped and tore off the sleeves of my boyfriend's white oxford. SO, I guess it's mine now!

& number one rule, ladies: do not wear your stilettos through SoHo or Meatpacking. I learned from my very expensive lesson a couple years ago and always wear wedges, flats or boots through it. A woman hobbling down the street and getting stuck in the cobblestones is not a cute look, ergo my heel of choice.


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