Friday, June 8, 2012

outfit no. 5 [ jules ]

Aran and I were talking and I sent her a couple of these photos from yesterday. She said I looked like a futuristic spaceship docking ace [w/ my addition of inappropriate footwear] - PERFECT, exactly the look I was going for!

Not really... but I'm digging the idea of it

This morning was a bit of a rush, as most mornings are, and I just felt like putting on something comfortable since it was going to be filled with excessive walking. Plus, I felt the need to look like a walking traffic cone - not. Well, Aran previously stated that Cali girls have a definite thing for denim, and I second that statement (& for me: as a Texa-Cali girl, it's a birthright). I love denim and I've always loved denim and the collection that I have is disgustingly extensive and quite superfluous. And this love is the reason why I wear my collection of denim cutoff shorts no matter the place or time!

The photographs taken of the inside of the Met and the rooftop of said museum does not do the place justice. If only I could take this museum with me everywhere I go and live... The view from the rooftop is amazing, with the addition of some adult beverages it's a nice place to just relax (which is why I got a little sunburned - & thank goodness I held back on the liquor or I would've just been dehydrated and rot like a tomato in the sun). 
In my opinion, the current outdoor exhibit is even better than last year's. Next time, I will have to be more patient and wait in line for the ticket to go inside of that interactive space bubble. - & mental note: do not wear a skirt

Anyway, I hope you like the photographs of the Met as much as I love the place, and if you'd like to know more information on Cloud City by Tomás Saraceno, the exhibit on the rooftop, just click here.

Oh, and the 'Incroyables' Strawberry flavor at Ladurée was not that incredible just for future reference...
I will stick to my lemons



  1. julieee i love your military vest! your pics of nyc bring up nostalgic feelings .. so jealous .. miss the city!

    1. Thanks, it was a $12 find from a thrift store in Texas and I use it way too much!